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What Are The Real Benefits Of A Standing Desk?

Trends in HR often filter down to the very core of an office, including what your company looks out for from office furniture stores. That’s much been the case with the likes of ergonomic computer devices and posture-correcting chairs, but one trend has had its benefits yet to be proven yet – until now. Read more here.


Gloucester City Council Spends £10,829 On Stationery In 2015

If you're not sure what your budget for office stationery supplies should be, it makes sense to ask other companies of a similar size what their expenditure is like in this regard. Read more here.


Will Self-Parking Chairs Become The Office Norm?

There’s office furniture you can buy online that you definitely need like desks, computer workstations, filing cabinets and bookcases, and then there’s self-parking chairs. Read more here.


94% Of Staff 'Less Productive Without Office Supplies'

A new study has highlighted the importance of having the right office supplies. Read more here.


What Office Furniture Do You Need?

If you’ve just set up your own business and now have your own premises, you’ll need to kit it out with the right kind of products from office furniture stores. But what do you need and what can you do without for the time being? Read more here.


Office Feng Shui Can Boost Job Success

The way you lay out your office stationery supplies can have an impact on your career success, according to the Chinese practice of feng shui. Read more here.


5 Ways To Make Your Office Greener

Who doesn’t want to reduce their carbon footprint if it’s at all possible? There are so many ways you can make a difference to the planet, from how you live at home to what you’re like in the office. Read more here.


Office Trends For 2016

If you’re on the hunt for the best office furniture stores around, chances are you’re thinking of giving the workplace a makeover for 2016, but before you commit to a certain design or layout, why not look at the our ideas for the trends for a harmonious office. Read more here.


Top Tips For Decluttering

The other week, we blogged about how Feng Shui can help boost productivity and help you declutter your mind - so this week we thought we'd come up with a few more tips to help you declutter your desk and office. Read more here.


National Stationery Week: April 25th-May 1st

If you love your office stationery supplies and can't get enough of Post-it Notes, staplers and highlighter pens, then make sure you put April 25th in your diary now as this marks the start of National Stationery Week. Read more here.


Practicing Ergonomics In The Workplace

Ergonomics is the practice of arranging and designing items such as office products like chairs so that those who are using them can do so in the most efficient and safe way possible. Read more here.


Feng Shui Tips For Organising Your Office

Want to be more productive at work this year? You might be surprised to learn that the way you’ve organised your desk could actually be hindering your day-to-day job. Read more here.


How To Organise Your Desk

One key way of maximising productivity at work is to make sure your desk is as organised as it possibly can be, right down to the very office stationery supplies you have sat on it. Read more here.


Workers Spend 'Just 3.5 Hours A Day' With Family

Workers in the UK are spending more time using their office supplies than ever before, as a new report has revealed employees spend just 3.5 hours a day at home with their family. Read more here.


More People In Office Jobs As Employment Level Rises

31.3 million people were in work between August and October this year. Read more here.


4 Clever Ways To Reinvent Office Products

Your desk at work is no doubt cluttered up with all sorts of office products. We bet that there are so many in fact that you don’t know what to do with half of them. Read more here.


4 Top Tips For Setting Up An Office At Home

Before you visit office furniture stores to stock up on desks, chairs and filing cabinets for your at-home office, you need to make sure you've got the right kind of design ideas in mind. Read more here.


Yours Faithfully Vs Yours Sincerely

You’ve got your office stationery supplies out on your desk and have spent hours writing the perfect letter to a client. But how do you go about signing it off? Read more here...


Post-It Notes On The London Underground!

We here at Comstat Office Supplies love to see people using stationery in different and interesting ways - so were very amused to see that Post-It notes have been popping up on the tube system in London. Read more here...


3 Desk Yoga Poses To Try Today!

If your boss has been out to buy office furniture online and you’ve got a lovely new chair that’s incredibly comfy to sit in, you should still do all you can to get up, move around and change positions. Read more here...


Setting Up Your Start-Up Business Office

If you’re looking for new office furniture online for a new business premises for your start-up, then congratulations on taking the plunge. However, there are plenty of things you’ll need to consider when it comes to setting up and managing your own office space. Read more here...


How To Stop Colleagues Pinching Your Office Supplies!

Who doesn't love a desk full of office stationery supplies? Having a stapler, lots of pens, countless notebooks and pads galore of sticky notes makes you feel capable. Read more here...


Tips On How To Sit Safely At Your Desk

You might not think you can cause a lot of injuries sitting at your desk and playing with your office stationery, but you can actually do yourself harm by staring at your computer all day long. Read more here...


Check Out Royal Mail’s Christmas Stamps!

If you’re stocking up on office stationery at the moment and are gearing up for Christmas, you might want to get a few books of Royal Mail Christmas stamps. Read more here...


Top 5 Plants To Improve Air Quality

Investing in office supplies online is only one aspect of setting up a business – you also need to ensure that your site is an appealing place in which to work that safeguards the health and wellbeing of your members of staff. Read more here...


5 Of The Best Office Stationery World Records!

Stocking up on office stationery is a must for any business, but it might not have crossed your mind before just how much fun you can have with all your equipment and supplies. Read more here...


Be Inspired By Facebook’s Open-Plan Office!

Before you buy office supplies online and start kitting your place of business out, you need to think about what you want the actual space to look like. Read more here...


Your Essential Secret Santa Gift List Of Office Supplies

With Christmas around the corner, members of staff all over the UK will no doubt be planning their Secret Santa games for this year. Read more here...